How We Can Help You With Your Destination Wedding!

(quotes taken from current and previous Destination Wedding brides)

"My fiancé and I did not want the major interference of our families and planning that we have seen stress people out and not even enjoy their wedding. We wanted to just have a great time, have fun and have everyone else enjoy as well."
"It was a second marriage for both of us and we didn't want to do the "real" wedding thing all over again."
"We had been living together for over 5 years, we just wanted to get married. We wanted to elope, but then I knew my parents and his parents would be disappointed, so, we asked them if they would be interested in going to DR...everyone was excited, a trip and wedding...why not??"
"I am a cheapskate at heart, and couldn't stomach spending money on some of the typical wedding elements that had no real meaning for me."
"The idea of lots of wedding guests staring at me (no matter how lovingly) gave me the willies."
"I've never been the 'traditional' type of person and have always dreamed of going away to a warm and tropical place to marry the man of my dreams. My theory is that it's my wedding and anyone that wants to be there can be. I wanted something that was completely stress-free."
"I am an uptight hostess - I would have fretted over how to please every single guest."
"From the time I was a kid, I always dreamed of a wedding on the beach..."
"We decided to have a DW because we didn't want anything extravagant and we love to travel. We picked the destination we did because we had been to the resort before and loved it so it was the perfect place to go back to."

"We decided on a DW as it was SO us. We go away every winter and this was just a way to tie it all together. We knew if we did this our closest friends and family would be there so that was a bonus but we would of done it if it had been just the two of us. We are both laid back people who usually go with the flow so the little quirky things that would happen along the way wouldn't bother us and the big traditional things weren't important to us."

What is a Destination Wedding?

» Complimentary consultation, including:
        * destination/resort(s) recommendation
        * wedding packages available at recommended resort(s)
        * legal requirements
        * wedding photographer recommendation
» Confirmation of wedding date and liaison with Wedding Coordinator at resort
» Group travel pricing
» Honeymoon registry
» Working with your guests, booking and collecting payments (payment plans available)
» Availability via SmartPhone
» Availability via Facebook

Five Reasons to Use a Travel Agent for your Destination Wedding*

A Destination Wedding is when you travel to a special place (usually somewhere hot and sunny) for your wedding. It might be just the two of you (aka "eloping"), or you might include a group of friends and family. It's an appealing option if you want to do something different, forego the hassles of a large, upscale wedding and include a vacation/honeymoon all in the same week.

   The primary reasons that couples choose a Destination Wedding are to save money, avoid the major hassles of family squabbles and planning details, and of course, to have a memorable and unique wedding. Besides a beautiful location, many Destination Weddings are a bargain compared to the cost of hosting a big, expensive event back home. 

QUICK FACTS:  Destination Weddings have grown in popularity by approximately 400% in the last 10 years and ONE in FIVE couples choose a Destination Wedding !

   As noted above, Destination Weddings are steadily on the rise. They take considerable planning and research, and the best properties will book far in advance of the wedding date. The earlier you begin planning your Destination Wedding, the greater the likelihood you will be able to book the perfect property for you and your guests ... we're here to help you find that ideal location.

WHY a Destination Wedding?

1. We know the destinations that make the most ideal wedding locations and know how to match your interests, style and the size of your group to the perfect setting. Travel specialists plan excursions for groups of two to 200, and ensure that guests of all ages are comfortable and well-accommodated.

2. We produce an event that goes beyond a wedding, crafting a memorable experience for your wedding guests by connecting you with local vendors for your ceremony and entertainment needs. Travel agents can pull together a captivating combination of local events, expertise and value pricing to make your destination wedding a success. You want fire dancers on the beach in Mexico? We have that covered. How about a private catamaran sailing jaunt in St. Lucia? Yep, we're on it.

3. We handle all of your guests' travel needs (including Aunt Martha's seemingly endless list of questions) so you're free to focus on wedding details and of course, having fun!

4.  Travel specialists have access to thousands of dollars in group discounts. We will present the options to you upfront to help you anticipate the full cost of your destination wedding with no surprises

5. We are always in your corner, and are reachable by phone, text and e-mail while you and your group are traveling. Some travel specialists even join larger wedding groups on their excursion to ensure everything is smooth and seamless.

*as printed by USA Today, February 6, 2015

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